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Address: 325A River Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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10:00 am- 6:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am- 6:00 pm
Sunday: Noon- 4:00 pm
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Saturday: 10:00 am- 6:00 pm
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In the interest of nurturing organic agriculture, sustainable homebrewing, and cooperative enterprise, we only post links that we feel are appropriate to the theme of our site and our cooperative business. If you are interested in linking to our site and would like us to post a reciprocal link, please submit a url for us to review via e-mail: 7bridges@breworganic.com


  Here are some links to organic related sites. Please note that we do not link to commercial sites that are not related to cooperatives or organic homebrewing.

http://www.ccof.org/ - California Certified Organic Farmers website

http://www.ams.usda.gov/nop/index.htm - National Organic Program Website (Administered by the USDA)

An Interesting Article About Pesticides in Hops

Environmental News Network - Articles and information about natural products, human rights, the environment, and more

www.organic-u.com- Hundreds of Organic and Natural products. Everything from Babies nappies to Herbal health. Free listings.

http://www.thymegarden.com/ - offers organically grown (but not certified organic) hops rhizomes, herb seeds and plants. A family owned and operated business dedicated to improving the environment.

http://www.crannogales.com/ - Crannóg Ales is Canada's only Certified Organic farmhouse microbrewery, one of only a handful of such breweries in the world. they brew unfiltered, unpasteurized ales using only organic ingredients, some of which come right from their own farm. Definitely visit this site to learn more about goring organic hops!

http://www.santacruzmountainbrewing.com/ - An all organic brewery right here in our hometown of Santa Cruz. Everything they brew is certified organic, and they buy the organic hops and specialty grains from us.


Here are some links to some other Cooperatives and Cooperative organizations, where you can learn more about the Co-op business structure and see some powerful examples of how a Co-op operates.

Rainbow Grocery - A Cooperatively owned natural food supermarket in San Francisco, California

Co-op America - A national organization devoted to promoting socially responsible businesses. Publisher of the National Green Pages.

National Cooperative Business Association - NCBA is a national cross-industry membership and trade association representing cooperatives.


These links are to clubs and organizations that help to promote the homebrewing hobby. Want to see your homebrew club or organization listed? We are happy to exchange links with you! Contact us by e-mail: 7bridges@breworganic.com

The American Homebrewers Association- A national non-profit dedicated to the promotion of the homebrew hobby that also works to make homebrewing legal in all 50 states.

www.FermentingRevolution.com- A site dedicated to homebrewers and beer drinkers as activists to save the world- through better beer! A site dedicated to homebrewers and beer drinkers as activists to save the world- through better beer! Also see our webpage about the book Fermenting Revolution


Here are some links to magazines, web news sites, and other homebrewing related media:

The Brewing Network Radio- a multimedia resource for brewers and thier craft featuring talk radio shows including the Jamil show and the Sunday Session. Listeners can tune in via streaming web radio or by subscribing to the podcast.

The Real Beer Page- Since 1994 this website has been a resource for all things beer. Current beer related news, beer blogs, reviews of craft brews, and all kinds of beer related forums can be found here.

Brew Your Own Magazine- A how-to magazine featuring articles, recipes, and product reviews for all things homebrew.

Celebrator Beer News- A newspaper devoted to craft beer and the biggest fans of craft beer, homebrewers.


These links are to sites with more information about the home coffee roasting hobby. Want to see your home roasting organization listed? Contact us by e-mail: 7bridges@breworganic.com

Transfair USA- The organization that promotes and oversees the Fair Trade programs in the United States

coffeecrew.com- More coffee information, links, and product reviews

coffeegeek.com- An online resource for everything coffee- from product reviews to forums

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