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Fermenters & Fermenting Equipment


Glass Carboys & Accessories

CARBOYS: A staple in any home brewery, use as a secondary fermenter and for primary fermentation as well. Fits the Rubber hood, rubber stopper #7,and 1" blow off tubing. We ship all carboys double boxed & padded to prevent damages in transit.

Carboy Handle: Clamps on to the neck of the 3 & 5 gallon carboys. We strongly advise using the handle to carry empty carboys only, as full carboys could break when lifted by the handle alone......#FE17

2 Spout Carboy Cap: Fits snugly over the mouth of the 5 & 3 gallon glass carboys. The wide spout fits a 3/8" racking cane, and the small spout can fit 3/8" tubing for a blow-off tube....#FE4


Plastic Fermenters & Accessories

6 Gallon Plastic Fermenter: Food grade plastic, with lid drilled for a #5 rubber stopper (included), and a 3-piece airlock

6 gallon bucket: Without lid, food grade plastic. Has volume markings from 1- 5 gallons.

6 gallon bucket, w/1" diameter hole: for installing a plastic spigot (spigot sold separately, below).

Lid for 6 gallon bucket:............................#FE7b

Lid for 6 gallon bucket: With a 3/4" hole (fits a #5 stopper)..#FE7b

Plastic spigot: Has a rubber gasket and a threaded back nut to fit a 1" diameter hole. The spigot tip fits 3/8" i.d. plastic tubing #FE8




Airlocks & Rubber Stoppers

3-Piece Plastic Airlock:

Comes apart for easy cleaning, fits rubber stoppers #FE12

Rubber stoppers

Made of white laboratory grade rubber.


Drilled Item #

Solid Item#

#2: Fits beer bottles and other 3/4" openings
#5: Fits 7/8" openings
#61/2: Fits most carboys and other 1 1/8" openings
#7: Fits 5 gallon carboys & other 1 1/4" openings
#8: Fits some gallon jugs and 1 3/8" openings
#9: Fits 1 1/2" openings & 1000 ml erlenmeyers
#10: Fits 1 3/4" openings
#11: Fits 2" openings
#12: Fits 2 1/4" openings
#000: solid- fits holes in drilled stoppers
Universal stopper: Drilled, Fits 5 & 6 gallon carboys. Flip it over to fit beer bottles


Essential for most primary fermentations, a blow-off system provides a closed system to prevent contamination yet allows excess foam and pressure to vent from the fermenter.

1" x 3.5' plastic blow-off tube: fits the 3 & 5 gallon carboys #FE11b

3/8" x 3.5' blow-off tube: fits any drilled rubber stopper #FE23b

1" blowoff tubing: fits the 3 & 5 gallon carboys. priced per ft. #FE11




8" funnel w/snap in screen: Fits the carboys, filters out fine particles. #FE19

8" funnel, no screen:..#FE20

Screen for 8" funnel:..#FE21

12" funnel w/snap in screen: fits the 6 gal. bucket, some carboys. #FE9

Screen for 12" funnel:..#FE9b

5" funnel: fits beer bottles:..#FE13


A Sturdy molded plastic stand that holds a 3, 5, or 6 gallon carboy securely in an upside down position. By drying the carboy upside down, the risk of contamination after sanitizing is eliminated. Has holes strategically placed to eliminate dampness under the dryer. #FE31



Want to see the lag time between pitching the yeast and high krauesen significantly reduced? Try forcing pure oxygen into the fresh wort just before adding the yeast. Our new oxygenation assembly will make this an easy thing to do. The assembly includes an oxygen regulator which fits a standard disposable oxygen tank (available at most large hardware stores), an air filter, and a 2 micron stainless steel diffusion stone, plus all the tubing needed to hold it all together. Oxygen tank is not included because it is considered a hazardous material to ship.




The stone fits 1/4" i.d. tubing, and can be fitted to the end of the gas-in dip tube inside a Cornelius style keg to force carbonate beer really fast. Or use it to build your own wort oxygenation system. #KE92


Temperature Controller

The refrigerator thermostat easily installs onto your existing refrigerator or freezer for precise temperature control. No tools are required; to install, simply plug the controller into your wall outlet (up to 12 amp 110 volt), plug your refrigerator or freezer into the controller, and run the temperature probe inside the refrigerator or freezer. Essential for true lagering, or to gain more control over keg or hop storage. Adjusts between 20- 80 oF and features a 3 1/2o differential, which saves wear and tear on your compressor. Manufactured by Johnson Controls. Call if you need more info. #FE22



Ranco Digital Temperature Controller

The Ranco digital temperature controller is a full featured, programmable thermostat that controls temperatures from -30 oF to 220 oF. Features a submersible remote sensor probe with an 8 foot cable and a liquid crystal display that shows the exact temperature at the probe. Features the ability to set the differential (the temperature range at which the cooling or heating unit starts and stops) from 1 to 30 oF. By setting the differential to a higher range, you can save energy and wear and tear on your refrigerator compressor. In addition to its use with a refrigerator or freezer, the digital controller can also control any electric heating device. Just like the mechanical temperature controller, no wiring is required- just plug the controller into any 110 volt outlet, plug the device you want to control into the digital controller, and run the sensor cord inside the space you want to be controlled. Instructions included. #FE22b



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