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5 Gallon Dome Lid Stainless Steel Pot

This 5 gallon pot is great for beginner or occaisonal brewers. The new design has a dome lid and a vent for less trouble with boil over. Slightly larger than the old 5 gallon pot, meaning the boil can be up to 4.75 gallons, so very little water needs to be added after the boil. Constructed of light gauge stainless steel, made by Progressive. #BP3b


7.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Pot

7.5 gallon pot: 18-10 medium gauge stainless steel perfect for 5 gallon batches and all grain brewing. The best value we have seen for a pot of this size and quality.Includes a 5 year warrenty. #BP4

Polarware Stainless Steel Brew Pots

Designed to last a life time of brewing, these pots are constructed of heavy, 18-8 stainless steel. The pots include a stainless steel ball valve with a 1/2" female pipe thread outlet. The optional thermometer is a professional grade thermometer with a temperature range of 0- 250 oF and features a reset screw on the back. The thermometer threads onto the welded 1/2" NPT female thread. Without the thermometer, the pots have a threaded stainless steel plug for the thermometer port. Use these pots as a mash tun or a boiling pot, or both. The optional false bottoms are heavy guage 18-8 stainless steel perforated with 3/32" holes, and have stainless steel handles and feet. The false bottoms stand 1 1/2" above the bottom and rest above the spigot.

8 Gallon Pot: 16" Tall by 15" wide, includes lid & spigot

10 Gallon Pot: 12" Tall by 15" wide, includes lid & spigot

8 & 10 Gallon False bottom

15 Gallon Pot: 15" Tall by 19" wide, includes lid & spigot

15 Gallon False bottom

Professional grade mash thermometer: Stainless steel neck with a 4" probe and 1/2" threaded NPT male fitting so it can be attached to a mash kettle. Temperature range of 0- 250 oF, has a calibration screw. Glass lens.

Basic Wort Chiller

A home brewing essential, and much more than your average basic wort chiller! Has 25' of 3/8" diameter coiled copper tubing, 12' of 3/8" hose, a brass hose fitting (can be attached to a garden hose or directly to a sink with the faucet adapter below), and 3 hose clamps. Dimensions are 10" wide by 14" high. Cools 5 gallons of wort down to 75 F in 15 to 20 minutes. Designed so that most of the coils rest near the hottest part of the wort, the top. Fits the 5 and 7 1/2 gallon pots.#BP1b

Deluxe All Copper Counterflow Wort Chiller

The ultimate counterflow wort chiller at a very reasonable price. A counterflow wort chiller will save you a lot of time if you brew large batches (10 gallons or more) and boil in a kettle with a spigot. Constructed entirely of copper, the inner tubing is 5/8" i.d. twisted copper for the fastest flow and most efficient cooling. The twisted inner tubing creates constant turbulance as the wort flows through, providing the fastest chilling possible.With this chiller you can use a pump without having to restrict the flow. The outer tubing is 7/8" i.d. The beer flows through the inner tube, either by gravity or by the use of a pump. Hook up a garden hose to the outer tubing flowing in the opposite direction, and you have an efficient method of cooling boiling hot wort to yeast pitching temperatures quickly. Because the entire chiller is constructed of copper, it can be sterilized by boiling in water for 20 minutes. Use 1/2" tubing and hose clamps to connect to the beer in and out tubes, and male and female garden hoses to connect the water inlet and outlets. #BP11


This wort chiller is designed for fast chilling of 5 to 20 gallons of wort. Constructed of 70' of 3/8" od copper tubing, vinyl connection hose, and brass garden hose fittings. Designed so that most of the coils rest near the top of the wort, the hottest area, to increase efficiency.#BP36


Faucet adapter: will fit most modern faucets with 55/64" inside threads or 15/16" outside threads. Connect your wort chiller to your kitchen sink.

Hose Clamps: All parts are solid stainless steel. Adjust with a screwdriver.

Hot Transfer Tubing: This tubing is has 1/8" thick walls, which provides more insulation than conventional tubing. The thicker walls prevent tubing from collapsing when transferring hot liquids. Food grade and rated for hot transfers up to 180 F.


King Cooker Jet Propane Burner

This King Cooker is a high powered burner made by Metal Fusion. It has a cast iron burner which burns very clean and distributes the flame evenly under the brew kettle without scorching. Features include a precise high pressure temperature regulator and a propane hose with adapter that fits onto a standard propane tank. Will heat 5 gallons of water to boiling in about 20 minutes. Includes instructions (propane tank not included). This unit stands about 12" tall and has a square frame with a flat top, making it perfect for many 3-tier systems. Comes with a 15" stainless steel deep fry thermometer (not pictured).

*To conform to Federal safety standards, included regulator is 5 psi rated for 55,000 btu. To achieve 170,000 btu a 15 psi regulator must be used, but switching regulators will void the warranty.


7" Top Quality Stainless Steel & Plastic Strainer

This strainer has a wide plastic rim and handle and a medium mesh stainless steel screen. We like this strainer because the screen is molded onto the rim leaving no cavities which can trap particles and bacteria. Fits perfectly in an 8" funnel.


21" stainless steel spoon: Made by Polarware, this spoon can be sanitized in the boiling wort for stirring during chilling

18" heat resistant plastic spoon:




If you have been looking for an economical and easy way to filter chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, and other particles from your brewing water, here is the solution. This activated charcoal filter will filter over 450 gallons of water, and attaches directly to a garden hose (or a sink with a faucet adapter). Includes 6' of 3/8" i.d. plastic tubing, hose clamps, and a garden hose adapter. The unit is not designed to withstand full water pressure, so the water must be shut off and the flow regulated at or before the end of the garden hose or sink. Use the faucet adapter sold above (#BE12) to attach to a sink.

Replacement Cartridge: Has 3/8" hose barbs to attach water lines. Replacement is recommended after 450 gallons have been filtered:

Quality Fittings for Brew Pots and Mash Systems


Made of heavy guage (18-8), perforated stainless steel, this false bottom will fit perfectly in a 15 gallon Sanke keg. 11 1/2" diameter with a 3/8" o.d. removable flared dip tube. Can also be easily modified to fit a variety of pots.



Weld-Free Ball Valve

Add a ball valve to any pot without welding! perfect for turning a keg or pot into a mash/lauter tun. Solid brass, uses heat & flame resistant washers.




These top quality ball valves are solid stainless steel and are full port (opening is wider than less expensive ball valves), with a locking handle device.

3/8" Ball Valve: With 3/8" NPT female threads on both ends.

1/2" Ball Valve: With 1/2" NPT female threads on both ends.



These adapters thread onto the above ball valves to provide a hose barb for attaching plastic tubing. Solid stainless steel.

3/8" Barbed Adapter with 3/8" hose stem: fits a 3/8" ball valve. #BP16

1/2" barbed adapter with 3/8" hose stem: fits a 1/2" ball valve. #BP22

1/2" Barbed Adapter with 1/2" hose stem: fits a 1/2" ball valve. #BP28


Quality Brass Fittings

3/8" Barbed Adapter with 3/8" hose stem: fits a 3/8" ball valve. #BP39

3/8" barbed adapter with 1/2" hose stem: To attach a 3/8" ball valve to 1/2" tubing. #BP42

Garden Hose Adapters: Fits any male garden hose fitting for attaching tubing:

3/8" hose stem: #BP19

1/2" hose stem: #BP43


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