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Beer & Wine Additives

Additives are often helpful in brewing a particular style of beer or wine, or to adjust the water PH. Most are naturally occurring minerals, and none contain harmful or toxic chemicals.


Both organic and not organic fermentable sugars for priming, or to add alcohol, or for brewing certain styles of beer or wine.

Other Ingredients

Koji for Sake making and other rarities

Beer & Wine Additives

Gypsum Increases calcium and sulfite levels in soft water, increases acidity, and helps to settle proteins during the boil 2 oz. package: #AD3 $0.95
8 oz. package: #AD3B $2.95
Calcium Carbonate Raises the PH and temporarily hardens soft water 4 oz. package: #AD1 $1.95
Burton Salts Use to duplicate water profile for English styles. 1 tsp/gal increases hardness of water by 889ppm. Contains calcium sulphate, potassium chloride, & magnesium sulfate. 2 oz. Package: #AD21 $1.85
Irish Moss flakes Harvested from the sea, a powerful aid to settle proteins during the boil- use in the last 20 minutes of the wort boil. 2 oz. package: #AD4 $2.49
Yeast Nutrient Yeast hulls, which naturally contain the nutrients needed for healthy yeast. Aids fermentation, especially for mead, wine & starters. 2 oz. package: #AD9 $2.49
Oak Chips Use oak chips in your secondary fermenter to add an oak aged characteristic to your fine ales. Try these with our India Pale Ale kit for a pleasant added flavor. Sterilize by boiling, steaming, or toasting. 4 oz. package: #AD17 $2.95
1 lb. bag: AD17b $4.95
Potassium Metabisulphite

To sterilize equipment, oak barrels, or purify fruit for wine or mead. A better option than Campden tablets or sodium metabisulphite. Use 1/4 tsp. or less per gallon in the must. 2 oz. package: #AD31 $1.49
8 oz. package: #AD31b $3.49
Pectic Enzyme Add to crushed fruit to reduce pectins, which can cause cloudiness in the finished wine or mead. 1 oz. package: #AD18b $1.49
Citric Acid Adds more citrus character to wine & mead, increases acidity, and is a powerful natural preservative. 2 oz. package: #AD13 $2.25
8 oz. package: #AD13 $3.95
Mead Acid Blend Blend of malic, citric, & tartaric acid. Adds acidity and tartness to mead, & acts as a preservative. 4 oz. package: #AD2 $2.49


Corn sugar Dextrose- for bottling use 3/4 cup to 1 cup, boiled in 2 cups of water.
1 lb. package: #AD5 $1.75
5 lb. package: AD5b $7.50


Home brew made with organic cane sugar adds a slight caramel note desirable in amber, dark, and Belgian ales. Far superior to common table sugar, this sugar is made from fresh evaporated cane juice. Within 24 hours of the sugar cane harvest the fresh juice is extracted, clarified, evaporated, and crystallized. No chemicals or additives are used in the process. Use 3/4 cup boiled in 2 cups of water for bottling

1 lb Bag: $2.90OA15

Other Ingredients


Finally, a kit to make home brewed sake using real koji mold spores. Each kit makes 22 liters (about 5 gallons) of fine grade sake with an alcohol content of 14- 18%. In addition to the koji provided with the kit, ingredients necessary are 4.2 pounds of medium grain rice, wine yeast, and 5 grams of citric acid. Limited Supply!

#SAKE1 $9.95



All the ingredients you need for your first batch (2.5 gallons) of sake with an alcohol content of 14- 18%. To make a 5 gallon batch, you just need an additional 4.2 pounds of rice. In addition to the koji provided with the kit, ingredients included are 4.2 pounds of organic medium grain rice, Wyeast Sake yeast, and 2 oz. of citric acid.

#SAKE3 $25.50


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