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Yeast For Brewing

Yeast For Brewing

Good yeast is essential for great beer! We have a large selection of liquid and dry yeast to choose from. When it comes to liquid yeast, freshness is very important, and we take it seriously. All of our liquid yeast is guaranteed to be fresh. We participate in the White Labs Freshness Assurance program and do not ship White Labs with less than one month left until the best-by date. We do not ship Wyeast that is more than 4 months past the born-on date. We do go the extra mile to protect liquid yeast in shipment by wrapping each order in bubble wrap and including an ice pack. This will lower the average temperature in transit but it may not keep yeast cold throughout the entire journey.

Please keep in mind that it can easily cost more than the price of the yeast to package and ship it adequately so that it is still under 60 oF on arrival. Obviously we cannot afford to do this and offer you a competitive price on liquid yeast. Our standard packaging is adequate to keep the yeast alive but may not be sufficient to preserve optimum viability. By having the yeast shipped by ground without additional cold packs you are taking a slight risk (slightly higher in the summer months) that the yeast will not survive. Since we have over a 98% success rate in the past 10 years shipping liquid yeast packed this way, the risk is usually worth the significant savings on shipping and packaging. We encourage you to order extra ice packs and/or ship yeast by 2nd day air if you are concerned about the temperature of the liquid yeast, especially in summer months.

We offer a LIMITED guarantee on yeast. Please read the following liquid yeast purchase information to be sure you understand our policies regarding shipments of liquid yeast.

White Labs Guarantee: We guarantee White Labs to be fresh. We do not ship White Labs that has a best by date that is less than 1 month from the ship date. All liquid yeast is shipped with a complementary ice pack, and at least 98% of shipments arrive in good condition. We do not guarantee viability of White Labs shipped by ground carrier. If you require a guarantee of viability you must have the yeast shipped by 1 or 2 day Air. If a White Labs that you had shipped by 2 day air or was purchased in our retail store fails to show visible fermentation within 48 hours (in a starter or in a fermentation up to 6 gallons in volume), we will refund the purchase price. If making a claim in our retail store you must present both the empty package and your receipt.

Wyeast Guarantee: We guarantee Wyeast pouches to swell within 3 days (72 hours)of activation. If the pouch does not swell within 3 days and within 30 days from the date your order was shipped, call us for a prompt refund (replacements made at our discretion if available). If making a claim in our retail store you must present both the empty package and your receipt. We suggest you have the yeast shipped by 1 or 2 day Air if you order liquid yeast in the summer (June 1st to September 1st). Liquid yeast claims have a lifetime limit of 2 per individual.

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