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Stainless Steel Bazooka Screen

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Stainless steel bazooka screen
Item Number: BP26
The bazooka screen is the perfect thing to easily upgrade a pot with a 1/2" ball-valve into a boiling kettle complete with a hop filtering screen. This is a 12" long screen with a 1" diameter constructed of stainless steel, grade 16 mesh. Complete with a stainless steel 1/2" male pipe thread fitting that will thread right onto the Weld-free Ball valve or the Polarware pots we sell. Will attach to any 2-way port that is 1/2" pipe thread, no tools or welding required! Because of the smaller surface area, the Bazooka screen is not very suitable to building a mash or lauter tun for filtering grains. A false bottom will perform much better.

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good idea but clogs easily
(Unknown) 7/25/2008 10:24 AM
This is a great device and I will probably continue to use it but just a warning that it clogged very easily with trub (hops pellets) and had to be repeatedly scraped to get the wort to flow from the polarware kettle spigot. This was, however, amazing for making whole spice chai in the brewkettle!
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