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Stainless Steel Sweet & Easy Snack Machine for Stovetop Roasting

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If you prefer the hands-on approach to roasting coffee and want a quality utensil that will give you years of service, the stainless steel Sweet & Easy Snack Machine is a good investment. Both the pan and the stirring mechanism are made of stainless steel, and the stirring arms are directly drive with no gears, ensuring smooth operation. The pan is a decently thick gauge of stainless steel that will help prevent scorching and will not dent easily. The lid is heavy anodized aluminum to help hold in heat..

If you have a gas or high quality electric stove with a vent hood you can roast your own coffee with the Sweet & Easy Snack Machine popcorn popper and some basic knowledge. For a summary of how to roast with a Sweet & Easy Snack Machine, visit our how-to page (link below). We also highly recommend that you purchase (or borrow) the book Home Coffee Roasting, which we also sell. Includes our basic roasting guide and one pound of organic green coffee beans (your choice from our current selection).

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