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Organic Cardamom Whole Seed Pods, 1 oz.

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Cardamon is a very pungent and aromatic spice which gives a signature flavor to whatever recipe it graces. The aromas are best released when the green outer husk is cracked open and the black inner seeds are released into the brew. A little goes a long way- just a few pods, or a scant few grams, can give a hint of flavor. Use .1 to .5 oz. for most recipes. Cardamom combines very well with cloves and cinnamon, and is often joined with ginger and vanilla. Essential in Chai flavored beverages. Cardamom has been considered an aphrodesiac through the ages, and its strong spicy flavors have been employed as a natural oral health regimine by chewing on the pods. It has been used medicinally for centuries as a carminative, stimulant, and to treat urinary problems.

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