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Organic Raw Buckwheat, per Lb.

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Raw buckwheat can be malted to create a gluten free brewing grain that can be mashed. Raw buckwheat is also about $1 a pound cheaper, and is easy to toast in an oven or oil free pan to enhance the nutty character. Buckwheat adds a distinct nutty flavor especially appealing in nut brown ale. If you are adventurous, give it a try! This buckwheat can be ground and then added directly to the mash, but pre-cooking will yield a higher degree of extract. Persons allergic to most grains may not be allergic to buckwheat because it is gluten free.

This busckwheat is de-husked but will sprout with very little effort. Expect a 2 to 4 day germination time. One way to dry the malt is to spread it out on cookies sheets and dry in the oven at 150 ˚F for 2- 4 hours, and then at 120 ˚F for 4- 8 hours.

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