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Organic Green Coffee Beans

Certified Organic & Fair Trade Green Coffee Beans

Quality green coffee beans are essential to a quality roasting experience and a superb cup of coffee. All of our coffees are high grade Arabica coffees that are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program by California Certified Organic farmers. We change our offerings on a regular basis as new Fair Trade and organic beans become available, so please check back often!

We are committed to providing the highest quality certified organic green coffee, and all of our offerings are Fair Trade certified. We only sell Fair Trade coffee because we believe supporting the farmers of quality coffee with a living wage is more important than making coffee dealers rich or selling at cut rate prices. Because we believe that quality and flavor are just as important as how the coffee is grown, we buy in small lots and only the best quality Arabica beans. Because of this, some of our coffees are only available in small quantities. All of the green coffee we sell must be roasted before you can drink it.

Columbia Cafe Femenino (FTO)
A product of the Cafe Femenino Project
Decaf (SWP) Cascadia Blend (FTO)
A multi-country blend of water-process decaf green coffee beans
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