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Organic Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla Beans, per bean

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organic bourbon vanilla beans
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These are the soft, oily beans most gourmet chefs are familiar with. Because of a higher moisture content they are more aromatic and also more prone to going stale than the manufacturing grade beans. For maximum freshness we package these beans in oxy barrier foil bags. These vanilla beans are grown in Madagascar, and we sell them by the bean.

Organic vanilla beans are one of the best way to bring truly authentic vanilla flavor to your brews. The rich, smooth, and uplifting flavor of vanilla may be just what your next special recipe needs. Best used in the secondary fermenter, 2 to 6 beans for 5 gallons to taste will add a wonderful vanilla flavor to your brew. Vanilla has been known through the ages as an aphrodesiac, but also has the health benefits of being a soothing and relaxing antidepressant. Tests have shown it to have antioxident and anticarcinogenic properties.

To avoid possible contamination, boil the vanilla beans for 15 minutes in a small amount of water, or soak in vodka or bourbon for a few days before adding to the fermenter. For a great Bourbon Vanilla Porter, soak 2- 4 beans in bourbon for 1 week then add to the secondary fermenter. You can soak 2 to 8 oz. of oak chips in the same bourbon with the vanilla for a bourbon barrel effect. Vanilla beans make a wonderful vanilla vodka for flavored drinks, or use to make your own homemade vanilla extract.

For vanilla flavored coffee, cut a bean into 1 inch pieces, and mix in with freshly roasted coffee for a few days. Remove the pieces of vanilla just before grinding and brewing the coffee, or leave them in and grind with the beans (if your grinder can handle the vanilla) for a much stronger vanilla flavor.


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