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Organic Cotton Hop & Grain Bags

Cotton farming uses more chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides than any other crop. Many of these residues are still present in the cotton fiber when it is milled into cloth, which is then subjected to more chemical treatments in the bleaching and dyeing process. We have the following selection of hop and grain bags custom made to give you an alternative. We now have our most popular sizes of straining bags (hop, small, and large) custom made in a fair labor factory in India. This factory features higher wages, better working conditions, and absolutely no child labor. They are crafted of sturdy yet loosly woven organic cotton (certified organic by SKAL) with an extra strong organic cotton cord drawstring. Each grain bag is double seamed and fray proof, and has a sturdy drawstring that is easy to tie. The dry hop and extra small grain bags are still hand made and have ties crafted of unbleached hemp, a strong natural fiber that stands up to repeated uses. Simply rinse out and wash after each use and these bags can be used over and over again. We have one that we used for our home brewing classes for years that is still in great shape. Instructions for care and use are included with each bag.
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Organic Cotton Hop Bag (6"x10")
List Price: $4.90
Our Price: $2.95
You Save: $1.95 (40 %)
Organic Cotton Hop Bag (6"x10")
Small Organic Cotton Straining Bag (12"x14")
List Price: $8.50
Our Price: $4.95
You Save: $3.55 (42 %)
Small Organic Cotton Straining Bag (12"x14")
Large Organic Cotton Straining Bag (14"x18")
List Price: $11.00
Our Price: $5.95
You Save: $5.05 (46 %)
Large Organic Cotton Straining Bag (14"x18")
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