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Organic Toasted Cacao Nibs (Fair Trade), per oz.

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Organic Fair Trade Cacao Nibs by the ounce
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Certified organic and Fair Trade from Ecuador. Cacao nibs are the pure and raw form of chocolate with nothing added. The nibs are the flavorful inner part of the cacao bean that are cured after gathering and then carefully roasted to bring out the full chocolate flavor and aroma. Chocolate, cocoa and cocoa butter are made from cacao beans. They are great for brewing cocoa flavored beer, wine, mead, or liquors. Cacao nibs are also great to snack on! If you like dark, bittersweet chocolate, you might have to be careful because these can be addicting!

The nibs can also be coarsely ground and added to coffee or brewed like coffee on their own for an amazing chocolate drink. In brewing, they can be added directly to the boil, or added to the secondary fermentor and allowed to steep for 5 to 10 days. If used in the boil, some of the natural bitterness of the pure cacao will be extracted, and with a little R & D they can be used to replace some of the bittering hops in a recipe. The cacao flavor is naturally great in porters and stouts, but the possibilities are many... try a cocoa Nut Brown or Celebration Ale, or perhaps a rustic red...

Cacao contains high levels of suffer and Magnesium plus many other trace minerals and compounds. Cacao is known to trigger feelings of love and happiness due to high levels of phenylethylamine, and to diminish appetite due to high levels of MAO inhibitors (monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors). Cacao has diuretic properties and has been used as an aid for high blood pressure because it helps improve circulation and dilation of blood vessels.


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