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Richard's Farmhouse Blonde Belgian Ale (Easy Brew)

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The recipe for this kit comes from our customer Richard Lawrence, the winner of the Belgian Ale category of the 2009 National Organic Brewing Challenge. Truly a beer to celebrate special occasions, this Belgian style ale is a complex, malty Golden Ale accented with a light spicy-peppery flavor. The medium gold color is crowned with a typical Belgian style lacy head which gracefully dissipates. A strong beer (over 7% ABV) that offers a warming alcohol character perfect for a relaxing evening that balances well with the lemon citrus hop flavors. This ale should be allowed to mature for at least 6 weeks in the bottle to allow the best flavors to develop. Contains organic dry malt extract, organic specialty malts, organic hops, organic bottling sugar, organic Irish Moss, recipe, and instructions. Produces an original gravity of approximately 1.066. IBU's: 28.

Recommended yeast for this kit: (Not included! Order separately): White Labs #550 Belgian Ale or #570 Belgian Golden Ale, Wyeast #1388 Belgian Strong Ale. For an authentic Belgian style use liquid yeast. The best dry yeast to use is Safbrew T-58

***NOTE: If you choose the option to purchase the kit without DME or corn sugar for bottling you will need to supply your own bottling sugar (corn sugar, DME, etc.). You may not need bottling sugar if you plan to keg your beer.


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