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Organic Legacy Double IPA Mash-Extract

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Item Number: OBK25A
If you really like strong beers, and if a standard IPA just doesn't have enough hop kick for you, our new organic double IPA is sure to give you the mouth puckering nose crinkling hop experience you are looking for. This is a strong, malty American style IPA bursting with strong hop bitterness, a vibrant hop aroma, and citrusy hop flavor. With 6 hop additions and over 5 ounces of organic hops (not counting the optional 2 oz. of dry hops), this IPA is a true legacy to organic hop growers. We also call it Legacy DIPA because the original recipe idea came from Co-op Member AJ, who left our staff to become the head brewer at Ukiah Brewing Company in California. For a hoppier aroma, try dry hopping with organic American Summit, New Zealand Cascade, or New Zealand Saaz hops (purchase separately). Contains organic malt extract, organic corn sugar, organic specialty malts, organic hops, organic dry malt extract (DME) for bottling, Irish Moss, recipe, and instructions. Produces an original gravity of approximately 1.075. IBU's: 80. Recommended yeast for this kit (Not included! Order separately): Wyeast #1056 American Ale, White Labs #001 California Ale or #051 California V.

***NOTE: If you choose the option to purchase the kit without DME or corn sugar for bottling you will need to supply your own bottling sugar (corn sugar, DME, etc.). You may not need bottling sugar if you plan to keg your beer.


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Product Reviews

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Nicely Balanced Double IPA Kit
Bruce Whitaker (Redmond, WA) 2/27/2011 5:56 PM
I used RateBeer's rating page to self-rate my finished brew from this recipe: Aroma: 4 out of 10 Appearance: 4 out of 5 Taste: 6 out of 10 Palate: 4 out of 5 Overall: 14 out of 20 Total Score: 3.2 Clean, but mild, grapefruit and floral hop aroma with mild caramel notes. Clear, deep copper-red body has a thick and foamy light-beige head and insane lacing that lasts to the end of the glass. Well balanced taste of pine wood, strong citrus hops, pronounced bitterness, and a medium malt character. Alcohol is well hidden, but quite apparent after a full pint. Nice and chewy mouthfeel is followed by a medium-dry finish, and the best part of this beer, a long lasting pucker.
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