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Organic Roasted Chicory Root, 1 oz.

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Chicory root has long been used as a beverage ingredient. The roasted root has a coffee like flavor and aroma which blends well with coffee and chocolate. Chicory is world famous as the key ingredient in coffee blends from New Orleans. In brewing use 1 to 8 oz. added at the end of the boil to infuse the smooth roasted flavor into the brew. Great for coffee or chocolate stouts, a fine example of a Chicory beer is Dogfish Head's Chicory Stout. Blends well with Cacao, coffee, dandelion root, and licorice.

Chicory contains no caffeine, making it a satisfying alternative (or additive) to coffee. It imparts less bitterness than coffee does, and Chicory coffee blends are noted for thier smooth flavor and low acidity. Because it is more water soluble than coffee, a brewed beverage that is half coffee and half chicory should be made with half the amount of coffee you would normally use, plus half that amount of chicory (1 scoop of chicory for every 2 scoops of coffee).

Since ancient times chicory has been used for liver disorders, and promoting health of the urinary system and kidneys. Consuming chicory can stimulate the cleansing of the body and enhances toxins removal. Medical research has shown it can reduce the heart rate, thus it can help counteract the stimulating effect of caffeine when blended with coffee.

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