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Organic Mountain Man Gluten-Free Pale Ale Beer Kit

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Item Number: OBGF-01
Finally, an organic gluten-free kit! This kit was developed and tweaked by our shipping maestro Steve for his wife, who has a severe gluten allergy and missed out on drinking his homebrews. This gluten-free kit is a bit more involved than our other kits, and requires a multi-day process to prepare the ingredients. Full instructions on malting and brewing are included. We believe the extra effort in this kit is worth it to produce a nutty, golden, hoppy gluten-free beer! Let your creativity go wild with this by optionally adding spices, honey, fruits, etc. Contains organic raw buckwheat, organic rice syrup, organic hops, organic bottling sugar, organic Irish Moss, recipe, and instructions. Produces an original gravity of approximately 1.045. IBU's: 25. We use dry yeast only for this kits, as they are not grown with grain substrates and are certified gluten-free. Recommended yeasts for this kit (Not included! Order separately): Safale US-05 (for a clean, dry beer), Safale S-04 (for a fruity, full bodied beer), or Safbrew T-58 (for a complex, spicy, Belgian-style beer).

***NOTE: If you choose the option to purchase the kit without corn sugar for bottling you will need to supply your own bottling sugar. You may not need bottling sugar if you plan to keg your beer.

We have had ELISA gliadin (wheat gluten) testing done on the finished beer from this kit, and it has come in at <5 ppm. There is currently no test available for the gluten in barley, hortein. There is also currently no standard in the US for labeling things as gluten-free, but the FDA is considering a value of <20 ppm as the standard. We take effort to package the products in this kit in a special packaging area away from our barley and wheat malts and extracts, but we cannnot guarantee that there is absolutely no gluten in this kit.


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Fun and Delicious
Mountain Man (Rockies) 3/14/2013 10:45 AM
All in all ive brewed this beer twice now. Ive employed a different level of roast and hops and yeast each time and both have been delicious. The malting process for the buckwheat is very easy. My only complaint is that according to the instructions, two cooking sheets will work to kiln the malt. I have found that to be insufficient. two runs in the oven with two cookie sheets each time allows not only for a better grain bed depth but also for the luxury of fine tuning the roast levels, especially if your going for a darker beer. I would most certainly recommend this beer, not only for the wide array of customiziation but for the tasty goodness within.
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