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Nicaragua Segovia Green Coffee Beans, 5 Lb. Bag

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Shade grown, certified organic, and Fair Trade. Grown in the Segovia region of Nicaragua by members of PRODECOOP, a cooperative of over 2000 families. This is a good clean coffee with a decent body and a sweet finish with mild chocolate and vanilla tones. The aroma of the Segovia hints at a mild cherry toned fruit character and has a hint of nutty flavor and caramel syrup sweetness. PRODECOOP was established in 1993 to promote organic farming techniques, integrated systems of production, conservation of natural resources, and economic diversification among its members.The co-op remains committed to producing coffee of the highest quality. In 2004, co-op members participated in the Nicaraguan cupping competition, “The Cup of Excellence,” in which the co-op was awarded five of the top ten quality awards. We recommend a medium to dark French roast. Medium Roast provides a sweet caramel apple flavor with a background of roasted peanut - clean finish, bright acidity. Medium-Dark will bring out a grapefruit like acidity with apricot and spicy chocolate undertones. Darker roasts tend to become monotone and are best enjoyed with cream & sugar to bring out sweet & chocolaty flavors.

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