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Mash-Extract Kits- For Intermediate Homebrewers

Our organic beer kits are made of the highest quality organic ingredients that money can buy. We spend a lot of time developing each kit, and we continually make improvements whenever we receive a good suggestion, or find better ingredients or packaging. Each kit is packaged in a cardboard box with an attractive color label. Each kit includes comprehensive step by step instructions, premium organic malts and hops which are sealed in oxygen barrier plastic to lock out air and moisture, and Irish Moss for settling proteins during the boil. The grains in each kit are pre-crushed unless otherwise requested. These kits contain all the organic malt, hops, and grains needed to make one five gallon (US) batch of organic beer. You can choose from several options for bottling sugar when you buy one of our kits: organic dry malt extract (DME), corn sugar (dextrose), or nothing in case you plan to force carbonate the beer or use a different type of bottling sugar.All of the organic ingredients included in our kits are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program by California Certified Organic Farmers.

Each kit is rigorously tested by Seven Bridges members with typical home brewing equipment. After tasting these beers (our favorite part!) we have concluded that these kits brew the best orgaznic beer we have ever tried. We think you will agree! Our intermediate kits require the extra step of soaking, or mashing the grain before boiling. This is easily accomplished if you have a grain bag or a large kitchen colander, and a thermometer. Our instructions explain clearly how to do this. The extra time is worth it: the grains add a satisfying character and authenticity you can be proud of! Most of our mash-extract kits also contain whole hops which require straining after the boil or the use of a hop bag.

Each kit description includes information about original gravity and IBU's (International Bittering Units), to give you more information about the strength and bitterness of the beer produced by each kit. An original gravity of 1.032 to 1.042 will produce a beer with a lower alcohol content, a range of 1.043 to 1.054 will have a moderate alcohol content, and an original gravity of 1.055 or higher will produce a strong beer. Beers with a low hop bitterness will have an IBU of 30 or less, an IBU of 30 to 40 will produce a moderate bitterness, and an IBU of over 40 will produce a strong bitterness. Because the strength of the beer affects the percieved bitterness of the finished brew, the above values are intended as a guideline only.

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Kolsch Organic Mash-Extract Beer Kit
Our Price: $41.99
Kolsch Organic Mash-Extract Beer Kit
Bison's Organic Chocolate Stout Mash-Extract Kit
List Price: $47.99
Our Price: $44.99
You Save: $3.00 (6 %)
Bison's Organic Chocolate Stout Mash-Extract Kit
Organic Belgian Wit Mash-Extract
List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $31.99
You Save: $8.00 (20 %)
Organic Belgian Wit Mash-Extract
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