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Guatemala Huehuetenango (Fair Trade)

Shade grown, certified organic, and Fair Trade. Pronounced "way-way-ten-ang-oh", an exciting name for a lively coffee! The growers of this fine coffee are members of the Asobagri Cooperative, a co-op that provides many benefits to its members in exchange for upholding strict quality standards. The co-op also requires the organic farming members to cultivate shade trees, practice soil conservation, and use composting methods. This is a quality Guatemalan coffee with a bright spicy-peppery acidity, and a smooth, rich body. The coffee finishes with a distinct rich smokiness that fades into a spicy chocolate finish. This coffee is very popular and sells out quickly, thus we may have purchase limitations in place from time to time so we can fill reasonably sized orders for most of the year. Recommended roast: Light roast to French.
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