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Guatamala Quiche Chajulense (Fair Trade)

Chajulense is a Cooperative founded in 1990 by farmers in the highlands of Guatamala to resist exploitation by brokers and middlemen. A unique guiding principle of Chajulense is that while everyone has a right to improve his or her quality of life, nature has to be respected. Today the Co-op Members enjoy many improvements to their lives including health and education benefits, improved infrastructure for processing and marketing coffee, and diversification of income. The Quiche Chajulense is grown by Maya Quiche Farmers. This is a smooth semi-sweet coffee with a rich chocolate body, silky mouth feel, and a satisfying earthy flavor. In the aroma of fresh brewed coffee hints of blueberry and tangerine sweetness compliment the smooth flavors. Recommended roast: Light to Full City.

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