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Finally, an organic gluten-free kit! This kit was developed and tweaked by our shipping maestro Steve for his wife, who has a severe gluten allergy and missed out on drinking his homebrews. Our gluten-free kit is a bit more involved than our other kits, and requires a multi-day process to prepare the ingredients. We have been disappointed by gluten-free beers that were solely extract and syrup based (using ingredients such as sorghum syrup, rice syrup, honey, candi syrup, molasses, etc) and longed for some grains in our beer! The beers without grains tended to be a bit thin with strange aftertastes. After many months of testing, we have developed a kit using organic raw buckwheat (which is not related to wheat and contains no gluten). As there is no organic malted buckwheat on the market, this kit requires you to malt and toast your own raw buckwheat. In a nutshell, it involves soaking the buckwheat in water for 2 days (a wide mouth one gallon jar or bucket works well). Then you sprout the buckwheat by laying it out to germinate in a cool dry place (2 standard baking sheets covered with paper towels are a good way to do this). After about 2 days, pop the baking sheets in the oven for a low temp roast, and voila! you have malted grains. Crush the buckwheat with a mill or rolling pin, and you are ready to brew! Its a great way to learn the malting process that all beers use. Full instructions on malting and brewing are included. We believe the extra effort in this kit is worth it to produce a nutty, hoppy gluten-free beer!
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