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Gene Cafe Drum Roaster Includes 5 Lbs. Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Our Price: $585.00
Gene Cafe coffee roasting machine
Gene Cafe coffee roasting machine
Item Number: COFF3
Purchase includes 5 lbs. certified organic Fair Trade green coffee. You will appreciate the extra coffee as you will roast more coffee than ever before with this high capacity roaster. The Gene Cafe is our favorite new roaster because it offers a large capacity, intuitive, easy to use controls, and the quiet operation allows you to converse or enjoy music while roasting. With complete control over both time and temperature that will please the most advanced home coffee roasting hobbiests, the controls and instructions are so easy that beginners can produce professional results the very first day. The clear roast chamber makes it very easy to view the roasting process, a must have feature that eliminates burnt or under roasted coffee. The oversized chaff collector that was previously offered as an accessory is now included instead of the former, smaller chaff collector.

The Gene Cafe can hold up to 10 oz. of unroasted green coffee which will yield up to an 8 oz. batch of fully roasted coffee. The thoughtfully integrated safety features (that are lacking in most home roasters) include auto shutoff, overheat sensors, and a clear safety cover to prevent burnt fingers.

The Gene Cafe delivers what you would expect of a higher priced coffee roaster: excellent roast quality, a durable machine built to last, a good warranty with US based support, and easy to use controls. The $585 price tag can actually pay for itself in about a year if you normally go through a pound or more of roasted coffee per week. The Gene Cafe is price fixed by the manufacturer meaning you will not find it cheaper somewhere else later on.


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Thomas Loeffler (Dothan, AL) 8/23/2013 6:13 AM
Bought this roaster a little over a month ago. As with every new toy one has to tinker around, and get used to it. There will always be some growing pain. But the pain is well worth it ... I roasted 3 batches so far, doing one that I took a little bit too far. The roast will not stop right away, so one has to learn to gauge when to stop roasting. Keeping a log with all types of information, i.e. OAT, roast temp., time, amount roasted, etc. will most certainly help creating a better product. I do roast outside (under my covered porch), so the smoke isn't a problem for me. And the unit is lightweight enough to be easily carried. Since I live in the SE of the US I hope to be able to do so also in the winter time. We shall see ... Couple of draw backs ... The chaff collector cap is at times a little bit difficult to reinstall. Not a big deal, just not overly easy. Could need a touch improvement there. Last but not least it is rather difficult to hear the cracking of the beans. I roasted so far with an Westbend air popper, and despite the fact that the popper was rather loud due to the fan, it was easy to listen for the cracks. Not so with the GC. Despite being extremely quiet, so far I heard only a few muffled ones. Having roasted a 2 oz Jamaican Blue Mountain yesterday I didn't hear a single crack. But the lack of audible cue is compensated for by having a really good visual on the roast progress. Overall, so far I'm more than happy with the investment I made.
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