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Ethiopian Organic Yirgacheffe (FTO)

Certified organic, shade grown, and Fair Trade. The growers of this coffee are members of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-op, a large cooperative with 22,734 farmer members. This coffee also just became certified Fair Trade. Yirgacheffe is a prized variety among many coffee connesiurs for its intense brightness, citrusy floral notes, and delicate chocolate sweetness. Perfect for those who prefer a robust african coffee. This coffee offers a sweet, light-bodied cup with a hints of citrus, a chocolate roast taste, and an aromatic finish. Best for a City to Full City roast, as some of the more delicate aromas and flavors are lost in a darker roast, and a too-light roast will have a sour, acidic note.
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Green Coffee Beans, 1 Lb. Bag
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Green Coffee Beans, 1 Lb. Bag
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