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We are dedicated to promoting all organic beer, brewed only with organically grown malt and hops. That is what we call True Organic Brew! We offer the world's best selection of certified organic hops, all in one place. We look forward to adding new hops that will soon be available as more growers take the organic pledge to offer a wider selection of organic hops than ever before.

Over the years, the availabilty of organically grown hops has grown considerably. Our first catalog in 1997 offered 4 types of organic hops. Now there are over a dozen varieties, available in both pellet and whole flower form. Supplies continue to be limited as the global demand for organic hops is higher than the available supply. It is not unusual for us to sell out of the most popular varieties before the next crop arrives. All of the hops that we sell are fully certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program. Organic certificates are available with your purchase upon request. All alpha acids given are average amounts for each crop.

We are dedicated to offering as many high quality certified organic hop varieties as possible. Because of our commitment to highest quality and fair prices, we do not buy every hop offered to us. We offer excellent prices considering wholesale costs of 2 to 3 times that of conventional hops costs because we buy in large quantities and we take a lower mark-up than typical homebrew retailers. We sell our hops wholesale to licensed breweries that brew organic beer and homebrew supply shops that wish to offer organic brewing supplies to their customers. Call us at 1-800-768-4409 if you are interested in purchasing wholesale. More information about buying organic hops wholesale is available online.

Our hops are vacuum sealed in oxygen barrier packaging for the highest possible freshness and frozen until shipped. Our whole hops are always packaged in foil bags to prevent light damage in addition to superior oxygen barrier protection. The large packages (6 oz. and up) are also nitrogen flushed. Whole hops must be strained from the wort after the boil. Using whole hops helps to filter out proteins from the mash after the boil, and can also help settle malt proteins during the boil.

Pelleted hops are simply whole hops that have been ground into a powder and compressed into pellet form. They are easy to brew with, especially for dry hopping without having to use a hop bag. Pellet hops stay fresh longer than whole flower hops and are easier to measure and store. We have a great selection of pellet hops to choose from!

Organic Hop Rhizomes
2015 Rhizome Pre-sale begins Monday, February 9th at 10:00 a.m. (PST)
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Cascade Organic Hop Rhizome (CA grown)
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Cascade Organic Hop Rhizome (CA grown)
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