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Certified Organic Wet Hops

Once a year, in late summer into early fall, hops are harvested. Harvest time provides a unique opportunity for Brewers to brew with hops that are fresh picked off the vine. This is known as wet hopping. We are working with California's largest grower of hops (they also happen to be certified organic) to quickly bring a limited supply of fresh picked hops directly to our customers. Our first offering will be Cascade and Chinook Wet hops that will be cherry picked on Sunday, shipped to us Monday, and shipped out to our customers within 24 hours of arrival.

Brewing with wet hops is a unique opportunity that happens just once a year. There are some differences to consider when making beer with wet hops. First to consider is weight: wet hops on average are 5 times heavier than properly dried hops. This means up to 5 times the weight may be needed for the desired effect.

Because of the high moisture content, the average alpha acid of wet hops is much lower than for dried hops. It is also difficult to analyze wet hops, so most brewers just go with the average for the variety divided by 5. Thus, if you are using Cascade with an average alpha acid of 6%, you would be working with an average alpha of 1.2% with wet Cascade hops.

Most brewers experienced with wet hopping recommend using dried flowers or pellets for bittering, and just use the wet hops for the last aroma addition. Cooking the wet hops for too long can contribute to strong grassy flavors. Adding just after the heat has been turned off and allowing to steep for 5 to 10 minutes just may be the optimum method for capturing the delicate fresh wet hop aroma into the beer. If using a large amount of wet hops the hops will contribute a small amount of liquid to the wort, and they will not absorb liquid as dried hops do. Thus for all grain brewers this may translate into a drop in efficiency by 1- 2%.

Upon arrival these fresh picked hops will be packed in nitrogen flushed foil bags immediately to preserve the delicate fresh aromas. Each order will be shipped with an ice pack and must ship by 2nd day air. Money-back satisfaction guaranteed if shipped by 2 Day Air. We cannot offer a money back guarantee if these fragile hop flowers are shipped by ground carrier. Shipping charges are not refundable. Available in 8 oz. packages only- limiting the package size makes it possible for us to deliver these hops as fast as possible!

Because this is our first offering of wet hops, we have reserved just a small quantity that we expect to sell out quickly. If we do sell out quickly and we have enough demand, we will arrange another offering before the harvest season is done.
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