i-Roast 2 Coffee Roaster by Hearthware

After over 2 years on the market, the i-Roast has proven to be a great roaster for those home roasting folks who want more control over the roasting temperatures but prefer to use a machine. Hearthware has responded well to customer concerns about the first model and has made many design improvements. The most significant improvement is a memory function which allows the user to store up to 10 roast profiles. Also, 5 pre-programmed roast profiles are included and custom roast profiles can include up to 5 stages. Other improvements have been made to the roasting pot and chaff collector assembly so the components fit together better and overall performance is improved.

The main features of the i-Roast 2:

*Large batch size of 5- 5.5 oz or one level cup. Smaller batches are also possible but in our experience the best results were obtained with the 1 cup batch size.

*Fast roast time of 15 minutes or less. Most roasts are done in about 10 minutes. To achieve this the i-Roast has a commercial strength fan and motor, which is very loud. Think of a loud hair dryer. If noise is an issue this is not the machine for you!

*Programmable roast curves, including temperature and time, for up to 5 stages. The programming feature was a bit tricky to learn (sort of like programming a VCR), but easy enough after doing it a few times. Note that we also like the easy way to use this machine: choose a factory pre-set 1 through 5 and stop the roast by hitting the cool button when the beans are the color you desire. Basically, this machine can satisfy those who want more control over roast settings without having to rewire or modify an appliance, but it is also a great machine for those who would prefer to push a few buttons and get a great batch of home roasted coffee in 10 to 15 minutes.

*Built in thermometer allows you to monitor the roaster temperature during the entire roast cycle at the push of a button.

*A patented voltage control circuit and alternating fan and motor velocity during the roast cycle contribute to consistent results and even bean color from batch to batch. We typically roast a blend of 5 different coffees to serve in our retail store, and the results have been consistent. We roast to a full city or light French roast, and each batch has been evenly roasted with a lovely oil sheen on the surface and heavenly aroma after a decent rest period.

*A 1 year warranty on the base unit. Included vent hood allows you to attach a dryer vent to the chaff collector to allow indoor to outdoor ventilation without smoke leaking indoors.

1500 watt, 120v/60 Hz. The roaster operates on standard household current, and comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Includes 1 lb. organic Fair Trade green coffee (a $5.50 value- or add decaf for $1 extra). Choose coffee from the menu above.

Price: $199.00
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