Wyeast 125 ml. Activator pouch with 100 billion yeast cells.

Wyeast Special London Ale, 125 ml XL

Commercial examples may include: Fullers London Pride, Young's and Greene Kings Unique properties: This extremely flocculant yeast produces distinctly malty beers. Attenuation levels are typically less than most other yeast strains making a slightly sweeter finish. Ales produced with this strain tend to be fairly fruity. Fruitiness increased with higher fermentation temperatures 70-74� F, (21-23� C). Diacetyl production is noticeable and a thorough rest; 50-70� F, (10-21� C) is necessary. Yeast traps trub easily and autolysis is possible. A very good cask conditioned ale strain due to thorough flocculation characteristics. Beers become readily bright within days. Brilliant beers easily achieved without any filtration. Alcohol tolerance approximately 9% ABV. Flocculation - high; apparent attenuation 67-71%. (Best Fermentation temp. 64- 72 �F). 125 ml. Activator pouch with 100 billion yeast cells. We include a FREE gel ice pack with every order of liquid yeast. There is no need to order free gel ice packs...they're automatically included. We will include one ice pack for every six yeast ordered. If you wish an order to ship with more than 1 ice pack for every six liquid yeast, you may order extra** **We recommend you do not order more than 1 ice pack for every 2 yeasts ordered. Ice packs are frozen when shipped, and there is a danger of frozen yeast.

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