Wyeast 3944 Belgian Wit Bier

Wyeast Belgian Wit Bier, 125 ml XL

Probable origin: Hoegaarden, Belgium Beer Styles: White Beer, Grand Cru, Doubles, Spiced beers Commercial examples may include: Celis Wit, Hoegaarden, Blanc de Brugge Unique properties: A yeast with complex flavor profile which produces a spicey phenolic character with low ester production. Phenols tend to dominate most flavors and dissipates with age. Ferments fairly dry with a finish which compliments malted and unmalted wheat and oats. Sometimes used in conjunction with lactic acid bacteria to produces a sharper finish. This strain may be a slow starting yeast with true top cropping characteristics. Flocculation is low, with yeast staying suspended with proteins in a well designed beer. Alcohol tolerance approximately 10-11% ABV. Flocculation - medium; apparent attenuation 72-76%. (Best Fermentation temp. 60- 75 �F). 125 ml. Activator pouch with 100 billion yeast cells. We include a FREE gel ice pack with every order of liquid yeast. There is no need to order free gel ice packs...they're automatically included. We will include one ice pack for every six yeast ordered. If you wish an order to ship with more than 1 ice pack for every six liquid yeast, you may order extra** **We recommend you do not order more than 1 ice pack for every 2 yeasts ordered. Ice packs are frozen when shipped, and there is a danger of frozen yeast.

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