Tap-a-Draft Starter System

This system is a new way to package and dispense your homebrew using Co2 cartridges. Like a full size keg system, the TAP-A-DRAFT will also allow you to force carbonate your beer without taking as big a bite out of your wallet or as much space in your home brewery. The system uses 6 liter pet plastic bottles (the same type of plastic bottle that soda comes in), and small CO2 tap that uses 2 8 gram CO2 cartridges. The plastic bottles are re-usable and each hold about 1 1/2 gallons of beer. The system operates in a horizontal position, taking up a small space about 17" long by 7" wide, and fits nicely on a refrigerator shelf. Beer (or soft drinks) can be bottle conditioned with priming sugar in the TAP-A-DRAFT bottle with the screw cap, to be tapped later when needed. Or, your beer can be forced carbonated in 5- 7 days with 2 CO2 cartridges in the refrigerator. When the beverage is ready to drink, it can be tapped and dispensed from a refrigerator over a period of up to 3 weeks without going flat or spoiling, because no air touches the beverage while it is dispensed. It will take about 2 Co2 cartridges to dispense one bottle. Our TAP-A-DRAFT System includes a dual cylinder tap, two 6 liter Pet bottles with caps, and a box of 10 8 gram CO2 cartridges. Instructions included. Additional bottles and gas cartridges are available for purchase separately.

Price: $47.50
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