Tanzania KNCU Green Coffee Beans, 1 Lb. Bag

Finally a really good Fair Trade certified organic Tanzania coffee has become available for us to offer you. We were only able to purchase a limited amount, so this one will not last long! The beans are Bourbon and Keint varieties, grown by members of KNCU, Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union, a cooperative of indigenous farmers of the northeastern Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Farmers participate in the co-op democratically, and each year they elect delegates from among co-op members to implement policies and programs. The coffee revenues have helped to support the founding and operation of schools for farmers´┐Ż children and funded an organic production program. This coffee has a rich complex flavor and is well balanced. It is full bodied with a medium light acidity, a somewhat earthy African sweetness, and a hint of vanilla smoothness. We recommend a medium to a Vienna or Full City roast.

Price: $5.90
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