recycled burlap coffee sacks

Recycled Burlap Coffee Sacks

Just about every coffee producer in the world ships the green coffee in food grade burlap sacks. Most of these have the Co-op or grower name printed on the bag. These bags can be used as decoration, or use them in your next art project. They are food grade, so you could cut them down to make sacks to store your supply of green beans in. Burlap is perfect for this purpose as it is a very loose weave to allow good air circulation. When you order this item we will hand select bags in good condition from what we have on hand. If you wish to hand select your own, please drop by our store. Please respect our overworked staff and understand that we cannot spend time going through the piles of sacks over the phone! Each sack is large enough to hold 125 to 150 pounds of green coffee beans, and measure approximately 24 inches by 36 inches. We only generate a few of these a week and so prefer to sell them to our regular customers. Limit of 2 sacks per order. Please do not call us looking for large quantities of these bags. We cannot get large quantities, and we cannot wholesale them! You will need to order something besides two of these bags if you want to order from us, because our minimum order is $10. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Price: $3.00
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