Organic Vienna style malt blend, 1 Lb.

5-6 oL. This is a 50/50 Blend of Weyermann Pilsner and Gambrinus Munich malt which creates a malt profile almost identical to Vienna malt. Use a few pounds to add increased golden color and rich malt flavor, or use as a base malt for recipes which call for Vienna malt. We are offering this blend in response to the many requests of our customers to stock Vienna malt. Currently, there are no organic Vienna malts available that are USDA certified organic. The Weyermann Vienna malt we previously offered had to be discontinued because the organic certificate was not in compliance with USDA NOP standards, thus was not legal for us to sell with an organic label in the USA. We have provided a link below to the Weyermann website. If you were a fan of the Weyermann Vienna malt and would like to urge them to market organic Vienna malt here in the US that is USDA compliant (and thus legal for us to sell and for certified organic breweries to use in their beers), please write them a note. Your comments could make a difference!

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