Certified organic maltodextrin

Organic Maltodextrin, 55 Lb Sack

Did you know that most maltodextrin is manufactured from corn? Most processed corn products manufactured in the United States contain genetically modified corn (GMO's). Now we have an alternative, certified organic maltodextrin manufactured in Austria. Because there is no labeling requirement in the US for products containing GMO's, the only guarantee you have that a product is GMO free is if it is certified organic. Current National organic standards prohibit the use of ingredients that contain GMO's. Certified organic and GMO Free (genetically modified organism) maltodextrin is used in beer brewing as well as the food industry. Maltodextrins are easily digestible carbohydrates made from natural corn starch. The starch is cooked, and then acid and/or enzymes are used to break the starch into smaller polymers (a process similar to that used by the body to digest carbohydrate). Maltodextrin does not contain a significant amount of protein, fat, or fiber. In brewing it is used to add body, or creaminess to beer without adding flavor, color, sweetness, or added alcohol (maltodextrin is approximately 12% fermentable). In a typical 5 gallon batch use from 4 to 16 ounces added to the boil. This product is also widely used in energy drinks and energy bars. Per 100g the maltodextrin we sell has an average of 360 kcal, 90g of carbohydrate, 0g fat and 0g protein. If you require further analytical data specific to the batch you are purchasing and organic certificates, we can provide these with orders under 55 lbs for a $5 documentation fee. This fee is waived for orders over 55 lbs.

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