Organic Malt Sampler- 15 Lbs.

Our sampler is a great way to try a selection of the malts we sell for one low price. The sampler has 15 different malts packaged in 1 lb bags. The selection includes 2 base malts, 1 Pilsner, 2 wheats, 2 Munichs, 1 Carapils, 3 caramel (or crystal malts), 1 chocolate, 1 roasted barley, 1 black malt, and 1 extra special malt. Because availability of some malts are subject to change, we reserve the right to substitute in-stock malts to complete a sampler if one or more of the other malts are out of stock. Grains are crushed unless you request them whole. Limit two samplers per order. If you order 2 samplers, the grain will be shipped in 15 two pound bags. Buying this sampler saves you about $5.00 over purchasing each malt separately at regular prices.

Price: $27.50
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