Certified organic corn sugar (dextrose)

Organic Corn Sugar (Dextrose), 55 lb. Sack

For the first time certified organic and GMO Free (genetically modified organism) corn sugar is available to home brewers. Corn sugar is the popular choice for bottling because it ferments clean with very little residue or added flavor. Use 1/2 to 1 cup for bottling 5 gallons, depending on the recipe, beer style, and packaging (kegs or bottles). Our corn sugar is manufactured in Austria under strict organic standards and is clean and very sweet. In addition to its use as a bottling sugar, organic corn sugar can be used as a brewing sugar, adding alcohol with out adding body, color, or flavor. It can also be used as an alternative sweetener in the kitchen. Of note is the ability of dextrose to lower the freezing point of ice cream.

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