Organic Columbia Ocamonte Green Coffee Beans, Fair Trade, 5 lbs.

From the tiny settlement of Ocamonte nestled in the mountains in the Corredor_de_Conservacion comes a surprisingly rich and aromatic coffee. This coffee is grown by Members of Sociacion de Pequenos Caficultores de Ocamonte (APCO) at elevations of over 5000 feet which allows the cherries to ripen slowly and develop a sweet and rich flavor. The aroma of the roasted beans and first grind is a heavenly sweet vanilla chocolate scent with a hint of almond blossom. That initial sweet aroma carries through in the taste of this coffee with the deep chocoloate notes and fruity notes of papaya or apricot that balances the rich full body. With a lower to medium acidity it is easy to lose the subtle fruit vanilla notes if you roast it too far to the dark side. The coffee is so smooth and sweet on its own that some of the nuances are lost when cream or sugar are added, so even if you normally drink coffee with cream, you should try this one black! We recommend a light to full city roast for this coffee.

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