Organic Columbia Cauca ACOC Green Coffee Beans, Fair Trade, 5 lbs.

We have made a pleasant discovery in this new coffee from the Cauca region of Colombia. A very rich and flavorful coffee with a deep sweetness reminiscent of dried figs or plums with a smooth chocolate aroma and deep spicy sweetness. Balancing these deep flavors with a medium acidity adds up to a nice robustly flavored coffee that is at its best in a medium to a Full City roast.The ACOC cooperative (Asociacion de Caficultores Organicos de Colombia) is deeply dedicated to organic agriculture, and the farmers members of this cooperative use earthworm composting to nurture the coffee trees with the nutrient rich soil produced from the coffee pulp and other organic wastes left over from coffee processing. This has made a noticeable improvement in the health of the coffee trees and has likely been a contributing factor in producing an outstanding tasting coffee. Fair Trade pricing for their coffees have given the farmer members of ACOC funding for education including growing and processing education, and organic farming knowledge and techniques. The cooperative also gives its members access to better health services, and investments in coffee processing facilities. We like this coffee best roasted medium to Full City or Vienna.

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