Nicaragua 5 de Junio Green Coffee Beans, 1 Lb. Bag

The Aldea Global Cooperative recently reached a milestone of success with the fruit of their labors, the coffee 5 de Junio, placing respectfully high in the 2006 cup of excellence. The cooperative is now over 500 members strong. Located in the mountains of northern Nicaragua, this is a premier coffee growing region and the coffee is grown at elevations of 1100 to 1400 feet. One of the mandates of this cooperative is to encourage the highest quality standards of its Members through training programs, and the result is a very tasty coffee! The coffee is Bourbon, Caturra, and Maracatu varieties, carefully washed and sun dried. The coffee is very rich tasting with full bodied sweet chocolate notes, a hint of dark cherry, and balanced with light citrus floral acidity. Recommended roast: medium to Full City or French.

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