Zach and Danis Coffee Roaster

Nesco Smokeless Home Coffee Roaster with 5 Lb. Organic Green Coffee

Buy the package deal and save money! Formerly sold as the Zach & Danis roaster, this is the same great machine with a new name. This is the perfect home roaster for beginners and those who want a machine that will consistently roast good coffee with very little monitoring once the roast time has been established for your favorite beans. The addition of a catalytic converter removes most of the roasting smoke, making this the best roaster for those who do not have a good ventilation system at home. Other features we like include a large roast chamber to roast up to 5.5 oz. of coffee per session, very even roast, even for blended coffee, and dishwasher safe removable parts. This roaster also comes with an instructional video and comprehensive instruction booklet. The Nesco Roaster is relatively quiet and has a 15- 30 minute roast cycle. If you like very dark roasts (espresso), it will take the full 30 minutes of roasting time and the batch size should be smaller (4.5 oz.). Because it has the longest roast cycle of all the roasting machines we sell, coffee roasted with the Nesco roaster will have the rich, deep notes of a good coffee but may lose some brightness and acidity that can be achieved with a faster roast. If you are a home roasting guru, the ideal is to also own the Freshroast roaster, roast coffee in both, and blend the two batches together. This roaster has a durable plastic housing, Aluminum base, tempered glass roasting chamber, and a zinc auger, and is built to last. The one component we feel could be improved is the chaff collector. After each batch, there is often a large amount of chaff left behind. This is simply a nuisance, as it does not affect the coffee quality in any way, and can easily be removed. The roaster operates on standard household 110 volt current, and comes with a 6 month manufacturers warranty.

Price: $192.50
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