King Cooker Propane Burner

King Cooker 55,000 BTU Jet Propane Burner

This is a high powered burner made by Metal Fusion. It has a cast iron burner which burns very clean and distributes the flame evenly under the brew kettle without scorching. Features include a precise high pressure temperature regulator and a propane hose with adapter that fits onto a standard propane tank. Will heat 5 gallons of water to boiling in about 20 minutes. Includes instructions (propane tank not included). This unit stands about 18" tall and has a round frame with a 15" diameter flat top, allowing the burner to accommodate many different sizes and shapes of brew kettles. Can hold the weight of up to 30 gallons of liquid. Comes with a 15" stainless steel deep fry thermometer (not pictured). *To conform to Federal safety standards, included regulator is 5 psi rated for 55,000 btu. To achieve 170,000 btu a 15 psi regulator must be used, but switching regulators will void the warranty.

Price: $79.50
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