German Saphir Pellet Hops, 2 oz. **OLD CROP CLOSEOUT**

4% Ave. Alpha. ***These are in pretty good shape as they have been cold stored in foil bags but are not as fresh as the new arrivals, and so are reduced in price.*** This is a relatively unknown but up and coming new breed of hop that is starting to replace the Hallertaur Mittlefrueh variety which has become more and more susceptable to diasease and pests. Shares many of the Hallertaur Mittlefrueh characteristics and with a low alpha acid content is very well suited as an aroma hop for the finest European style lagers. The Saphir is a true jewel in the noble hop family and has a refined aroma and a mild flavor. This hop is distinguished by a sweet and clean citrus aroma that has a hint of tangerine. Try this in your finest German lagers, Pilsners, Belgian White, or even an English mild ale.

Price: $3.43
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