FreshRoast Plus Home Coffee Roaster with 5 lb. Organic Green Coffee

This newly improved coffee roaster from Freshbeans, Inc. features a larger chamber for a 3.5 oz. roast batch and a fast, quieter roast cycle. Ideal for a household of 1 to 2 coffee drinkers, it takes just 3- 5 minutes to roast the coffee beans with a 2 minute cool-down cycle. The Freshroast Plus has a mechanical timer and the chaff collector is simple yet effective. Because the roast chamber is smaller than other home coffee roasting machines, and the fan and motor are smaller, it is more energy efficient and quieter. We really do like this roaster as a simple, more basic machine that has been, for us, most reliable. We have a roaster at the shop that we have used several times a week for nearly 2 years. This is the roaster that will outlast all the fancy, computer chip controlled machines out there. If you are a serious home coffee roaster, it is worth having one of these just in case your other roaster fails, and because brightness of the coffee it produces. Because of the mechanical timer and the fast roast time, this unit requires a little more attention to achieve the perfect roast. As the roast chamber is glass, this is a simple matter of monitoring the bean color and aroma, and manually turning the machine to cool when the beans are perfect. Typically, in a Freshroast the beans roast a little darker on the outside and the coffees bright notes and aroma are accentuated, while deeper tones can sometimes be muted because of the fast roast time. The roast time will vary between coffee types, but exact results can be duplicated by recording the roast time for each type of coffee you roast. Package deal includes 5 lbs of Fair Trade certified organic green coffee (decaf is a little extra). Choose coffee from the menu above.

Price: $119.00
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