El Salvador El Salto Green Coffee Beans, 2 Lb. Bag

Shade grown, certified organic, and Fair Trade. The cooperative of small farmers who grow this coffee are passionate about what they do, and it really shows in the finished product. Attention to details including hand picking the smaller or mis-formed cherries and keeping a clean facility to reduce contaminants and pests are just a few of the things they do to ensure a top quality coffee. The El Salto Cooperative has really benefited from the higher prices Fair Trade affiliation gives them, and many of the extra funds are reinvested to improve the facilities and plantation to ensure continued high quality in years to come. For El Salvador growers who made it through the civil war, this is especially important as many plantations saw a decline during those years when money was very tight. The coffee is rich with malty caramel sweetness, touched with herbal and earthy flavors, and has a delicious bittersweet chocolate lingering finish. We recommend a medium to full city roast.

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