Economy 45 Seat Bottle Tree

Once you purchase a bottle tree, you will wonder why you waited so long! With a bottle tree, bottling is easy even if you have to do it without a friend to help, as the bottles are all within easy reach. The trees hold the bottles upside down to allow drying without contamination. Made of sturdy plastic with a stable construction that will even withstand the weight of large bottles such as champagne bottles if they are distributed evenly on the tree. Comes apart after assembly for easy cleaning and storage. The wide base collects liquids, preventing the mess that often occurs when bottling. Use with Iodophor or Star San sanitizer for no-rinse drying. Although not as sturdy as the 90 seat tree, the 45 seat tree is perfect for those with limited space. Pictured with optional sanitizer injector (sold separately).

Price: $24.95
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