Decaf Mexico Royal Select Green Coffee Beans, 5 Lb. Bag

Certified organic, shade grown, and Fair Trade. Royal Select refers to the decaffeination process of this coffee, which is a water based completely chemical free process similar to the Swiss Water Process. Processing the coffee in Mexico eliminates the need to ship the coffee to the Swiss Water processing plant in Canada and then to the United States, reducing the cost and price of this coffee as well as reducing the environmental impact of producing this coffee. The Mexico decaf is a full bodied coffee with a well rounded aroma, earthy taste, and a smooth lingering sweetness. A slightly speckled appearance of the unroasted green coffe is a normal result of the natural water decaffeination process, and does not affect the appearance of the finished roast which is uniform with most roasting techniques. We recommend a medium to a French roast. Sorry, due to limited supply there is an order limit of 10 lbs. per customer.

Price: $28.50
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