2A mill head from Crank and Stein

Crank and Stein 2A mill head for DIY

This is just the mill head as shown in the picture. To operate the mill you will need to mount it on a base and add your own hopper. The mill features dual eccentric stainless steel bearing adjusters are connected with a crossbar and held in place by set screws. Factory preset .045" Adjustment ranges from .010" to .080" Two rollers 5" long, 1.5" diameter, cold rolled steel, diamond knurled pattern w/grain-engaged gear teeth at ends Aluminum frames, SAE-841 bronze bearings, eight 1/4"-20 mounting holes for sturdy versatile setup, bolts included. Tool-steel driveshaft 3/8" diameter with 3 flats for positive drill chuck attachment. Precisely sized, trued and polished axles spin freely with minimal wear.

Price: $119.99
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