Costa Rica Montes De Oro Green Coffee Beans, 2 Lb. Bag

Shade grown, certified organic, and Fair Trade. From the lush highlands of Costa Rica comes Montes de Oro, a coffee of outstanding quality and rich flavor produced by COOCAFE (Consorcio de Cooperativas de Caficultores de Guanacaste y Montes). The coffee is handpicked and sundried or dried in solar ovens. Montes de Oro is an aromatic full bodied coffee with a honey/raw sugar sweetness with hints of clean milk chocolate. With a lush fruity acidity this is a well balanced coffee that finishes with a smooth lingering cocoa aftertaste. COOCAFE represents more than 3,500 small coffee producers throughout Costa Rica and promotes environmentally friendly growing practices such as the use of shade trees and organic fertilizers. The families who are members of COOCAFE have seen dramatic improvements in thier lives since becoming Fair Trade certified, especially in the ability to provide a better education for their children. Ensuring a better future for younger generations is the true mountain of gold that is in part made possible through the production of this coffee. The coffee beans are shade grown Typica and Caturra. It can take a wide range of roasts, but for best results we recommend a medium to French roast.

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