Home draft system with cornelius keg

Complete Homebrew Keg System

Our keg system has everything you need to start serving your own organic brews on draft. Easy to use, a home keg system can save hours of time cleaning and filling bottles. Using kegs instead of bottles also uses less water and cleaning supplies, saving money and reducing your impact on the environment. Our standard home kegging system includes a brand new 5# aluminum CO2 cylinder (not filled- the cylinder can be filled at your local welding or fire extinguisher service shop), a dual gauge Perlich CO2 regulator with an adjustment screw (0-60 PSI), built in safety relief, and manual lever check valve, a reconditioned 5 gallon ball- lock keg (see description below), one gas and one liquid ball-lock fitting, a picnic style beer faucet, 6 feet of extra smooth, no foam beverage tubing, 3 stainless steel adjustable hose clamps, a package of 5-Star PBW for cleaning, and the booklet "Using Your Cornelius Keg Draft System", by Pat Anderson. See the above options to customize our system to your own needs. If ordering the system without a keg, unless otherwise specified when you order, the system includes fittings for ball-lock kegs.

Price: $199.95
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