Complete 2 Stage Brewery with Organic Beer Kit

This kit has everything you need to brew 5 gallons of beer except a brew pot and bottles. We have added a large organic cotton grain bag as standard equipment, to make this kit perfect for our mash-extract Organic Beer Kits. Contains the following: * Glass 5 gallon carboy * Stick-on thermometer * Plastic 6 gallon fermenter with grommeted lid to fit airlock * 2 Airlocks & a rubber stopper & Blow-off tube * 5' tubing, curved siphon cane w/ sediment tip, & small clamp * Bottle filler * Large organic cotton grain bag * Plastic stirring spoon * Bottle capper & 60 caps * Bottle brush & carboy brush * 8" plastic funnel with snap in screen * Greenline triple scale hydrometer with test jar base * Quick check probe thermometer * Book: The Complete Joy of Home Brewing * 4 oz. of Iodophor sanitizer * 8 oz. of Straight A cleaner * Your choice of one of our Organic Beer kits (includes recommended liquid yeast and a packet of dry yeast in case the liquid yeast fails).

Price: $139.00
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